If your company is being taken advantage of, there is an easy solution.

The Problem:

An employee reports and on-duty injury to his supervisor. The employees is advised to seek medical treatment, even though his injuries seem minimal. The medical visits results in the employee filing a worker’s comp claim.


Live-Site Security is an investigative agency recognized by the Worker’s Compensation Board. We conduct surveillance on the subject to determine the scope of his injury. We give you a full report, photos & videos. We assist with the referral to the Department of Insurance for fraud.

 A proven methodology to get evidence that knocks out the claim.
Getting the right evidence across many days is key to eliminating the claim. Our investigators know how and when to collect evidence that stands up.

Send a clear message to the rest of your employees.
Once you have exposed a false claimant, it sends a very strong message to you employee base. Simply stated: The company executives will not be taken advantage of.

Impeccable track record of success.
We have years of experience, including hundreds of successful worker’s comp surveillances. We have never lost a case at the Worker’s Compensation Board, the Labor Relations Board, or Civil Court.

Sometimes, you have an employee that really is injured. We are truthful and fair in that we will report these findings so your valuable employee can obtain medical treatment, rehab, and return to work.


Full money-back guarantee on all services.

At Live-Site Security we stand behind the quality of our works. That’s why we provide a full money-back guarantee on all our services.

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Live-Site Security investigator are all experienced agents. All are considered expert witnesses in a court of law.

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