Employees stealing from your company? We can find them in hours.

The Problem:

The President, CEO, CFO, or VP of Operations of a corporation discovers a problem relative to finances. They’ve grossed $5 million for the month, but they can see the net profit is flat or 1% or 2%. Therein lies a serious problem. The corporate security directories has exhausted his resources and can’t identify the problem.


Under Sarbanes-Oxley, the company actually must consult with an outside agency. Live-Site Security is highly-experienced investigation agency with an unsurpassed ability to identify the problem, obtain necessary evidence, and provide a solution that prevents future recurrence.

We have never failed to uncover the problem.
In over 30 years of experience in corporate America, we have never failed to uncover a problem and provide a solution.

Skip the expensive undercover agent method. Do something that actually works.
Undercover agents are expensive and ineffective. The likelihood of this approach working is very slim. Our interview and interrogation experience provides better results, in less time, at a fraction of the cost.

We are prepared to assist with prosecution.
Sometimes the theft is so egregious, it begs to be prosecuted at the District Attorney and/or the United States Attorney’s Office. This is at the discretion of the executive staff of the company.

We provide long-term solutions that safeguard against future problems.
Every investigation includes a detailed report that included recommendations, that implemented, will generally reduce the possibility of the problem recurring.

Full money-back guarantee on all services.

At Live-Site Security we stand behind the quality of our works. That’s why we provide a full money-back guarantee on all our services.

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Live-Site Security investigator are all experienced agents. All are considered expert witnesses in a court of law.

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Actual case studies from Live-Site Security:

Employee Theft

Fortune 500 consumer goods client reported suspicion of company employees redirection inventory potentially worth several hundred thousand dollars per year for resale and personal gain.

Client initially requested that undercover operatives be placed in their facilities to detect theft of product and time. Corporate officers were advised that this proposed solution would not be an effective use of resources due t low probability of gaining meaningful intelligence or hard evidence. Live-Site Security recommended that a team of three agents be deployed to interview and interrogate employees to gather evidence that could be used both in the civil and criminal arena.

After three days of interviews with the eleven employees, Live-Site Security uncovered an elaborate, ongoing scheme to steal product and sell on the open market. Within ten days, forty-six employees in three different States were identified as being involved. All employees involved were terminated. Coordinating with local enforcement, seventeen individuals were arrested and received felony convictions, with thirteen receiving prison sentences.






Employee Surveillance

A major trucking company retained Live-Site Security because recent fuel and hourly wage expenditures were not consistent with historical experience for several trucking routes across the U.S. Conventional vehicle tracking devices and monitoring systems used by the client were ineffective in providing answers.

Live-Site Security personnel developed a surveillance plan for specific trucks with known schedules. Surveillance initially confirmed that all tracking systems were working properly and being monitored professionally. After several days of surveillance, Live-Site Security uncovered an elaborate plan by several employees to use company resource for personal gain. Workers from a competing logistics firm were meeting client drivers along the designated route and loading additional freight on their trucks, effectively “piggy-backing” loads on an existing truck route. After the client’s trucks traveled across the country, workers from the same firm would meet the driver again t unload the freight before the truck reached its final deliver point, paying the drivers in cash for their “services”. Meanwhile, remote monitoring from the corporate facility indicated that the drivers were on the correct route without deviating significantly from their schedules.

Live-Site Security reported its findings along with photo and video proof to client executives. Employees involved in the scheme were immediately terminated and prosecution is pending using the gathered evidence as support.


Inventory Theft

Recreational equipment manufacturer retained Live-Site Security to help increase profits and identify lost revenue due to suspected misappropriation of inventory by employees.

Two consultants were deployed to interview key employees and follow up with interrogation of employees suspected of inventory theft. Within eight hours of commencing interviews, two employees admitted their involvement in a conspiracy to redirect product to sell at various venues across the U.S.

Live-Site Security quickly uncovered the entire network of employees involved in this scheme, with eleven additional employees admitting guilt in an effort to avoid possible criminal prosecution. In consultation with client executives, it was determined that the best course of action was to let time pass before proceeding in order to avoid a significant disruption to ongoing business operations from employee defection before replacements could be hired. The client was also wary of negative publicity surrounding the situation, so Live-Site Security proceeded under confidentiality and supported client’s request to avoid prosecution. During that time, a dozen employees resigned or never returned to work. The suspected employees were replaced, and profits for the following quarter doubled.





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