All investigators are considered experts in Federal, State or local court.

The Problem:

Corporate America executives often hire corporate consultants and investigators who are not considered experts, in Federal, State or local court. This results in the court-ready work product not being admissable, and the money paid to the consultant being entirely wasted.


Live-Site Security’s investigators are all certified by multiple testimonies as experts in Federal, State or local court. It is rare that we are ever challenged by opposing counsel.


Challenge your investigator’s expertise.
How many times have they testified? How many depositions have they given?

Attorney referrals.
Can your investigator provide you with a list of attorneys who they have qualified as experts?

Verify before you hire.
Does the investigator’s corporate Web site indicate they are experts? Do they have a resume which lists their experience and the fact that they are considered experts?

Interview and interrogation courses.
The principal Live-Site Security and many associates have taught the art of testifying at the Department of Justice and Treasury.

Full money-back guarantee on all services.

At Live-Site Security we stand behind the quality of our works. That’s why we provide a full money-back guarantee on all our services.

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Live-Site Security investigator are all experienced agents. All are considered expert witnesses in a court of law.

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