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The Problem:

People and companies steal intellectual property and sensitive information to get an unfair competitive advantage. Illegal monitoring devices are inexpensive, readily available, and increasingly prevalent in Corporate America. In addition, the technology in these devices is constantly evolving and they become harder to detect with conventional equipment.


Live-Site Security are experts in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM). We make significant continual investment in current, top-of-the-line detection equipment. Our personnel are highly-trained, experienced agents who discover bugs of all kinds: wiretaps, video cameras, eavesdropping devices, and transmitters.


Our work is guaranteed to find ALL hidden devices.
No matter how elementary or sophisticated the device, we will find it.

You may have nothing to worry about.
Don’t let the long list of warning signs on the internet create a paranoia. If you suspect you may be bugged, just cal us for a free consultation. You may very likely have nothing to worry about and NOT need to hire us.

What makes a professional: State-of-the-art equipment, experienced people.
There are many TSCM providers who simply are not in a position to buy the necessary (expensive) equipment to do a comprehensive sweep. We make the necessary investment in updated equipment so we can find all current devices.

Beyond the office: Executive homes, vehicles and phones.
It’s actually easier for criminals to plant bugs outside the office. For complete security we provide sweeps outside the office as well.

Full money-back guarantee on all services.

At Live-Site Security we stand behind the quality of our works. That’s why we provide a full money-back guarantee on all our services.

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Live-Site Security investigator are all experienced agents. All are considered expert witnesses in a court of law.

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