Professional and discrete investigations, interrogations, surveillance and security services for corporations and legal firms.

Employee Theft

Live-Site Security is a highly-experienced investigation agency with an unsurpassed ability to identify the problem, obtain necessary evidence, and provide a solution that prevents future recurrence.


Bug Sweeps / TSCM

We make significant continual investment in current, top-of-the-line detection equipment. Our personnel are highly-trained experienced former agent who discover bugs of all kinds: wiretaps, video cameras, eavesdropping devices, and transmitter.

Due Diligence & Backgrounds

Live-Site Security conducts thorough backgrounds throughout the United States using a propriety in-house computer system. When necessary, we conduct interviews of potential employees applying for the most sensitive positions of the corporation.

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Employee Investigation

The vast majority of these problems can be handled directly with the employee during an interview and interrogation process with two trained investigators.


Workers’ Comp Investigation

Live-Site Security is an investigative agency recognized by the Workers’ Compensation Board. We conduct surveillance on the subject to determine the scope of his injury. We give you a full report, photos & videos. We assist with the referral to the Department of Insurance for fraud.

Expert Witness

Live-Site Security’s investigators are all certified by multiple testimonies as experts in Federal, State or local court. It is rare that we are ever challenged by opposing counsel.


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Full money-back guarantee on all services.

At Live-Site Security we stand behind the quality of our works. That’s why we provide a full money-back guarantee on all our services.

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Live-Site Security investigator are all experienced agents. All are considered expert witnesses in a court of law.

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